My name is Ariana, for years I have been battling depression and self-confidence issues. At 13 I hit my rock bottom and gain 20 pounds putting me at 125; you may not think that’s a lot, but for someone who is 5’0″ you can really tell. When I was 15 I got sick and began to lose weight quickly, I lost 35lbs placing me at 90 and all I did was sleep. For the last three years I have battled anorexia and now I am 112 and learning to love my body. At the beginning of the year I decided to start working out and getting healthy; so fallow me to fit and loving my life!

I love adventures, and traveling everywhere seeing the beauty in this world that God has so generously given to us. I love going on missions trips, helping people and spreading love to those who haven’t experienced love before. I love children, and how their innocence is just so precious. I love music, art, all things cars, going to church, and my family; no matter how crazy they get.

God has blessed my entire life from the road I walked in my past to where I am going in the future. I pray that each and everyone of you reading this will be blessed 10X more than I have been, and that you experience the love of God and see how beautiful you really are!<3

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