“True friends don’t hinder your relationship with God, they encourage it.” ~ Jarrid Wilson

Having friends is a normal part of life, they are there when you need them and they can help you in your path of life. Now, we all have “friends” but how many of us can say they are true friends? True friends are those who lift you up when you’re going through hard times, they call and text when you miss a meeting to make sure you are all right, and they don’t judge you for where you’ve been or where you’re going in the future, they are always there for you no matter what.

In life, we all need some christian friends, to help bring us along in life. Building connections with other Christians is a great way to stand against the darkness in this world. Some great examples of these friends would be:

  • They encourage you

No matter how difficult your life gets, these friends are life long and will give you encouraging words that are uplifting to your situation. They will pray for you, give you helpful scriptures, and keep you accountable in life decisions.


  • They go into the dark places

They see when you aren’t doing so well and they are not afraid to ask those questions of how we are doing and what’s causing the problem. Sometimes those questions can keep us from entering into depression or eventually doing something that we would end up regretting. Friends that will keep you from the edge.


  • They pray for you

Whether it’s 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, these people are there for your every need. They are there to listen and pray for you. They will put you at the top of their prayer list and will text you and call you to see how you are doing. They hold you accountable to your end of the deal as well in keeping faith that everything will work out in God’s timing.


  • “If any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of christian friends by a fire?” ~ C.S. Lewis
  • “Find friends who aren’t too proud to pray for you. To cry for you. To hope for you. To ask for you. To ask God to be one with you. That’s what’s Real.”


“Serve one another in Love” 

Galatians 5:13

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