//Moving Out 101//

“Working on  myself, by myself, for myself”~Unknown

I can’t help but think that maybe I’m just ready to move out, move on, and make a way for myself. For so many years my parents have given me a place to live, food on the table, and they have even helped to pay for some of my bills when I was low on money.

That I will never be able to thank them enough for. 

In February I turned 18 and decided I would move in with my grandmother so that I could live in town; my parents live 30 minutes outside of town. At first it was a great idea than I started working till midnight and that didn’t work because she would turn the alarm system on at 10pm. A month later I was back at home. Through the summer my sisters boyfriend moved in, and needless to stay I just need my own space. I was extremely blessed when a friend of mine got accepted to go to nursing school in town and needed a roommate. Now in December I will finally be moving out and I am beyond ecstatic!

4 Ways to Make Moving Easier

  • Don’t Listen to the Nay-Sayers: 

At some point, people are going to think you are crazy for moving out, especially if you are young like I am. Girl, for real, tell those people to back off, I don’t remember that lady from church, or my grandmother writing my story. It’s your job, so take that pen and start writing. You’ve got this, I promise it will be okay.

  • Don’t procrastinate:

I swear on my life that I can never do things when I’m suppose to. Whether it’s from changing the oil in my car, to taking books back to the library. My biggest piece of advice for you is to stay on top of every little thing, especially making payments, keeping up with random bills, or letting the dog outside. If you  are in school, really girl, do not forget about that.

  • Stay Involved:

Moving can be really stressful, and if you spend all your time locked up by yourself watching YouTube videos of Jenna Marbles, Nikki Blackketter, IIsuperwomenII, or Jlovesmac1 then you are just going freak out even more. The key is to stay involved with friends, family, church, school, pretty much anything and everything to keep you on your feet. Ask around, see if anyone has advice or suggestions on making your transition easier.

  • Get Creative:

Last but not least, start a Pinterest board. Go to town, grab a cup of tea or coffee, grab a note book, start writing down ideas and things you will need. Find projects for furniture so that you can save money by building your own. It can also be used as a great stress reliever. If you can’t tell by my repeating of stress, that is the biggest problem area in making your moving experience worse, so relax and have fun!

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